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BRAND NEW Asus Sabertooth x79 - bios does not see DVD room, everything else is fine, (Boot Device LED , red light)
i tried different DVD rom and it wont work. everything else seems fine, all HDD's are working, Could something inside the motherboard burn so it wont detect DVD but detect everything else?
Top Porn Publisher Changes Mind on Blu-ray, Ships 4 HD DVD Titles
It is not the "HD DVD" we know as the standard. The real HD DVD formatted Pirates has not yet shipped. By the way, Adult DVD Empire lists only one other HD DVD title ... with this hi-def version, since everything is now crisp and clear.
Moore: Xbox 360 HD-DVD for movies, not games
"Our developers are very comfortable with the [Xbox 360's] storage options--I think they're utilizing Xbox Live very creatively, and the hard drive, we have a very strong attach rate for the hard drive." Microsoft hasn't announced a price point for the HD ...
Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: Price Matters
Some analysts are betting that whichever format—HD DVD or Blu-ray—has the most players in stores for $500 or less in time for the holiday season will ultimately win over consumers. Everything else, including the movie studios that have ...
Remote Disc: no movie playback, no HD support, and everything else you need to know
Don't even think about burning a disc remotely. Remote Disc appears only to be able to share CD / DVD drives and CD / DVD discs, not high capacity / HD optical drives. We tested sharing a regular DVD over an HD DVD drive, no luck. Data CDs on ...
Keeping The HD-DVD Dream Alive
The other day while watching my high-definition copy of Blade Runner on my Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive, I received an Xbox Live message thanking me for keeping the dream alive. Oh come on, where else can you buy a copy of The Bourne Identity for $2.39?